On July 9th, 2017 our lives changed drastically. My husband has been fighting for his health over the last several years now but had been feeling better and working consistently for quite a while. On July 9th it became clear that he needed to go to the hospital. He was in immense pain and could barely even speak. I drove him to the hospital terrified at what might happen next. There is no way I could have been prepared for the journey ahead in that moment, but by the grace of God, we keep fighting day by day.

I stayed with my husband, Fausto’s, side all night praying, crying out to God, not knowing why my husband didn’t wake up. He couldn’t open his eyes or speak. The doctors told me the next morning that alongside his diabetes he had been diagnosed with pancreatitis. As I understood, his pancreas was inflamed and no longer doing its job to process the sugar in his body. His diabetes complicated the matter. He was also diagnosed with hypertriglyceridemia and the doctors told me they would need to clean his blood through a very involved process over a period of 3 days.

I was hopeful that after a week I would have Fausto back at home with me and that with some recovery time he would be able to go back to work. Unfortunately, due to many complications, Fausto remained in the hospital for 6 weeks! I don’t even have words to describe how I felt during that time. Every day was such a desperate fight for life. Every day I would pray and hope that Fausto would make it one day more. I would hold his hand and talk to him not knowing if he could hear me.

The tension this situation placed on our family was difficult in so many ways…financial, emotional, spiritual. I previously had been working but with our three girls at home and school starting soon I had to find several jobs to try to make ends meet. Between working early in the morning and late at night I found time to go to the hospital and visit Fausto. Sadly, there were days I didn’t have enough gas money to make it there, so I was unable to visit him. My girls wanted their daddy home and my 2-year-old didn’t understand why she couldn’t visit her daddy (as he was in the SICU).

After Fausto was finally able to come home to us after 6 weeks, he had lost almost half of his body weight. He didn’t even look like the same person. There were some complications with his transition home in that he couldn’t keep any food down. Anything he ate, he would throw right back up. Within two weeks of being home, he had a follow-up appointment where we discovered he had lost 9 more pounds in two weeks. They rushed him to the hospital in an ambulance from that appointment and I was again left with my questions, fear, and desperate cries out to God.

He was hospitalized for yet another week until he was able enough to come home. Now we are continuing to fight day by day alongside each other. He is getting better. He can walk around and he keeps his food down now. But we know the journey ahead of us is long and some days it is difficult to continue to hope. But I know God has not abandoned us. I have faith that God will heal Fausto. There are so many people that have stepped up to help us in our time of need and I am so thankful. I see the hand of God in the many people who have been there for us. The people who have helped me with rides for my children to school, those who have helped us with food, I have seen the body of Christ at work. Thank you for your generosity and for the support and prayers you are offering on our behalf. We could not do it without you.