2017 Kickoff!

Thanksgiving is finally here! Family, friends, silly amounts of food…and Holiday Streaking! For all the previous Streakers, thanks for loyally coming back to join us again this year. For those who are new to starting a Holiday Streak, welcome, the fun is just beginning! On behalf of the Board, this has been a year of great highs and some real stress at times, but we are so happy to have done all this for you and we are beyond thrilled with our turnout. Its time to get our Streak on.

First things first, the logging site is now open. It has been designed to be simple but efficient; something you can get on every day to log your exercise, check in on friends or teammates, and to check out any announcements. Here is what you need to do. Log back into the Streakers logging/registration site here. Now BOOKMARK IT! You’ll be in there a lot. If you click on My Dashboard, there are a couple tabs of interest: Teams (you can still form or join a team at any time throughout the Streak), Activities (where you will go to log your exercise each day), Fitness Stats (some graphs showing who is logging the most exercise in each category), and Additional Info (where you can go for more information about HOW to log your activities, how to add friends to follow, etc)(if you have a question, check here first as we will update it with questions people have). Whereas we were not able to add all the features we dreamed of this year, you can still post about your exercise and comment on others’. And don’t be afraid to call out your friends and exercise buddies or encourage someone who is down. The logging site is meant to build community and we are very proud of this community!

A few things to remember about Streaking…
-Its EVERY DAY. Not an average. Do 4 hours of hot yoga today, well, assuming you survive, you still need to exercise tomorrow.
-Intentional exercise means something you would not normally do. Granted, there are no Streaker police (however, should you actually streak, you may get to know your local police), so the honor system is in effect. Don’t cheat others by exaggerating your exercise. Just suck it up and do it!
-Log your exercise often, if not daily. This is supposed to get you into the habit of exercising daily so be accountable. Plus, its motivating to follow others and keeps you in touch with any announcements and updates on our families.
-There are no excuses. We have had Streakers in the past get off the treadmill to throw up because they were ill. THAT is Streak dedication! If you have to miss for some reason, just buck up and do 50 burpees in the next two days to make up for it.
-Join our FB page! We will use it to post pictures and some other fun things that we just couldn’t get into the logging site this year. Feel free to post about your activities or anything else Streaker related. Pictures are fun too!
-PLEASE donate blood sometime during the Streak. Some of our past recipients have had life saving transfusions and this is something I am passionate about. Wear some Streakers gear, tell everyone who will listen why you are donating and get a FREE pass on exercising one day for donating (does not have to be the day you donate). Its an amazing feeling to know you may have saved a life.
-We will be doing our best to communicate almost exclusively through the logging site as opposed to email, so please do log in daily, as some things may be time sensitive.

I will do my best to get an update from each of our recipient families in the first few days and will also be encouraging them to post updates to the logging site. There is no better motivation than to know you are helping our incredible families. They have no idea how much they are helping each of us in return.

Remember, your Streak starts TODAY! I would get after it before that big ol Thanksgiving meal (oh and here is some “food” for thought: if you complete your Streak of 40 days, that is roughly 4000 calories burned. A typical thanksgiving day meal is 3000-4000 calories! Your Streak could also burn the equivalent of 1000 plain M&Ms, a case of mountain dew, 13 glazed donuts, less than 4 big macs, or 36 bud lights. Makes you want to complete that Streak doesn’t it!)

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for being a Holiday Streaker this year. I could not have even dreamed about this moment 5 years ago. The HS Board is so appreciative of how each of you has and will contribute to make Holiday Streakers the best it can be. We are supporting FOUR families this year! It makes me downright emotional to think of the positive impact we are having. I am grateful to each and every one of you and wish there was a way to thank you all personally. On behalf of the Board, thank you. I am so excited to Streak with all of you and its starts now. Its time to start or renew your holiday tradition. Ready…Set…STREAK!!!!!

Happy Streaking!

Eric Weichers, President
Dave Basile, Senior VP
Anthony Monsees, VP of Technology
Ethan Holly, Treasurer
Josh Lundahl, Secretary