First, I checked out your website to know what the charity is and then to read the history. I think it’s wonderful what you’re doing and also very creative! Thank you for hearing our story!

We started our adoption journey three years ago and requested a healthy child only. We didn’t think we could handle any kind of medical needs. A month into the adoption process we found out we were pregnant! We were overjoyed, yet disappointed we had to put the adoption on hold until our baby turned 6 months old (adoption agency policy).

My pregnancy was very difficult, scary and short-lived. I was on bed rest three months and had our son two months early. I got congestive heart failure from the delivery and had to have back surgery from being on bed rest so long.

Our son, Sawyer, was born with a birth defect called Sagittal Craniosynostosis that required him to have skull surgery at three months of age and wear a helmet for six months. It was then that we felt like God was asking more from us. We changed our adoption request for a healthy child to special needs.

Had we not done that we would never have gotten our sweet Charlotte. She is 22 months old and has a bilateral cleft lip and a complete cleft palate. We brought her home from China six months ago and she had her first surgery on June 21st. Her next surgery is next week, September 27th. Her third will be in January and her fourth a couple years later.

The adoption took everything we had, $44,000. We have insurance, which will cover a lot of the surgeries, but the $4,000 deductible this year and next will be hard. Currently, my husband works two jobs – part-time children’s pastor and full-time commercial loan administrator – but next year he’ll go into full-time ministry! This is our family’s dream and desire but it will cut our income in half.

This journey has grown us in so many ways and shown us that, although we think we know best, God knows better. We also know we’re stronger than we think and can handle obstacles as long as we go through them together.

Thank you for considering us! It’s wonderful what you’re doing to help others.

-Daniel and Stacia Toburen