What’s New

Below is a list of the projects and upgrades we have been working on for Holiday Streakers 2018. Hopefully, we get them all accomplished and can add a few more before the Streak arrives.

  • As always, a brand new Holiday Streakers shirt!
  • A new, redesigned website (Thanks to Weicks Media)
  • A nicer, cleaner logging page (Now called Streaker Central)
  • Expanded individual statistics and logging
  • Expanded team functions and statistics
  • The option to add a picture for every day of the Streak
  • More functional and mobile-friendly platform
  • The addition of Mercy Children’s (Kansas City) and Blank Children’s (Des Moines) hospitals as beneficiaries
  • An expanded social media presence
  • A process of recipient nomination and selection (3 families will be selected for 2018, along with the 2 children’s hospitals)

To get yourself registered, just click here!